LawnCareTax is an association of Green Industry Professionals doing business the right way.  Sales tax for lawn
care and landscaping is a Texas State law.  There is no way around collecting for sales tax unless the company is
breaking the law.  We encourage the public to hold Landscapers and Lawn Mowing Companies accountable by
hiring only those that follow the law and give back to the local community.
Is your Landscaper collecting sales tax, or is your School District laying off Teachers?
On average your local lawn care professional should provide $18,000 in sales tax revenue to the state in one
year.  Your Local school district has laid off Teachers. How many jobs can you save by hiring a Lawn Care
Company that collects and pays sales tax?
Texas Lawn Care and Landscaping Sales Taxes That Support Your Community
When it comes to making your home look nice, nothing beats hiring Lawn Jockey for lawn care . Whether you need
someone to cut the grass and trim the hedges once a week, or someone to take care of a bigger job on your property,
hiring Lawn Jockey for  Lewisville lawn care or landscaping is the best way to go, for a number of reasons. Not only do
these professionals have the experience to make your lawn or property look great, but the sales tax they collect goes back
into the community. I bet you didn't
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Our focus is to aid  the Texas Comptroller by spreading the word about Texas State Sales Tax Law.
Do your part and  use your voice by hiring a verified Provider.
Total member TEXAS sales tax payments in 2009